FUSE FRIDAY’S: Gone in 10 seconds

Gone in 10 seconds with Snapchat’s new ads feature! 


If you are a Snapchat user, chances are that you have already seen Snapchat’s unique “Our Story” feature that was rolled out to all users in August. The feature has evolved (from the traditional “My Story” feature that allows disappearing user generated content to be available to your Snapchat friends for 24 hours) to a crowd sourced story that offers a community perspective and a unique glimpse into what the real atmosphere at an event was.

Inherently, this feature has posed massive opportunities for brands. Consumers are more receptive to the brand and trust user generated content more than content delivered directly from the brand. Several brands, including Taco Bell already use Snapchat to offer promotions and hold contests with their most loyal users. Unilever brand, Dove have seized Snapchat’s new feature to create “The Self-Esteem Weekend” conversation. This week they have been aiming to encourage women to talk about self-esteem through sending snaps on the subject with Dove ambassadors responding in real time with personalised advice. It appears the evanescent nature of Snapchat will continue to create opportunities for brands. The platform in this case provides a non-intrusive way for the brand to engage in one-on-one conversation with women and girls on a personal level.

As brands are constantly trying to capitalise on human behaviour it clearly poses the opportunity for these platforms to open themselves up to advertising. With this in mind and the current success of the introduction of “Our Stories”, Snapchat is soon to be rolling out disappearing ads to appear within. With the user being able to flick past these if they do not wish to see it is likely that the platform will remain highly authentic and these ads will fit in a truly raw, organic glimpse of a real life event.

The focus for brands will become finding a balance of not over sharing their message and content and letting the fans assist in telling the story. So what does this mean for agencies? Will we soon be trading some of our time working on million dollar 30 second ad intervals and displays to 10 second disposable snaps? Will Snapchat become an official media platform in which we spend time strategizing for?





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