Fuse Fridays: How the Instagram Algorithm change will impact brands



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Ever since Facebook bought Instagram for US$1 billion in 2012, we knew it wouldn’t be long before an algorithm kicks in. For too long, it’s been the simple visual platform with no native scheduling features, reporting backend or sponsored posts, much to any social manager’s frustration. Today, as the world’s fastest growing social media channel, it has unique Reach of 6.9m Australians.

Rolling out from April 2016, instead of seeing content chronologically, users will see posts based on:

  • Relevance: likelihood user will be interested in the content
  • Relation: relationship with the person or business
  • Recency: timeliness of the post


Those who want to ‘see the moments I care about first’ will appreciate the change. Many however, have taken to social in protest, resulting in Instagram dominating online convo, albeit with negative sentiments. It’s a surprise to me how the algorithm has not been adopted sooner where 70m photos are shared on average a day globally.

Instagram has grown so significantly in the last few years, a new wave of Beauty, Travel, and Food Bloggers taking advantage of the free platform has been birthed. Being an Influencer is now a full time job and anyone with 5k – 5m followers can be considered one.


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With so much crap, non-strategised & unregulated content out there, why shouldn’t there be a filter where we only see the posts that interest us? I follow 300 Instagram pages, should I be seeing 300 posts a day? No thanks. I’m time poor, give me the best.

Visually appealing & highly engaging content will become an essential to every brand’s social strategy. Not only has the bar been raised in the quality of posts on Instagram seen by users. Brands are also getting higher quality users. The loyalists who interact with brand content most are part of the minimal 2% who will see that Brand’s post on their news feeds organically. These are the advocates most likely to share content, give positive praise about products & make purchases. Gone are the followers who liked a page once & never revisited again. Win-win!

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