Fuse Friday’s: I AM CANADIAN



Molson Canadian have re-launched their tag line ‘I am Canadian’ with a campaign set to spark the patriotism in every Canuck. To celebrate the nation’s 147th birthday, the brand created a beer fridge that would only open its door to the most patriot of country men, who must belt out the nation’s anthem, ‘O, Canada’.  Might sound easy enough… but with the fridge judging more like Simon Cowell than Ricky Martin, the anthem must also be sung with pitch perfect timing and the passion of a bear hug.  Once the fridge was vocally unlocked, the Canadian Molson Lager lay sparkling as their well-earned reward.

The campaign kicked off a week before Canada Day where the secret locations were released to the general public by the Molson Canadian FB page and Molson website.  The frothy genius in this being, that they strategically wrapped themselves around a day such as Australia Day, where there was a proven platform that aligned to their brand for them to perform on, and a national climate that would ensure that they were literally the flavour of the day.

Further amplifying their awareness by playing into the eager and thirsty media hands, knowing every Editor and every Radio Producer in the country would be prioritizing anything that fell under the banner of patriotic. Canada Day has emerged as a key sales and marketing period for Molson Canadian, with an average of 12 million bottles sold in the lead up to the holiday.

A video released prior to Canada Day, showing hilarious attempts by hopeful Canuck’s trying to vocally win over the fridge,  helped amplify the campaign by giving social media users something that was topical and fun to share. This activation proves that by carefully marrying up a significant day, a relatable topic, and a passionate, cultural theme, you can successfully piggy back onto a celebration that leaves everyone imprinted with the memories that you were the heart and soul of the party.

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