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March 8th was International Women’s day – but you already know all the stats and issues – we’re here to talk about SOCIAL MEDIA. Social can be a great way to spread awareness of issues and events, but it has to be done right. 

International days of celebration like this can be tricky territory for brands. The right post, piece of content or initiative can make a brand seem relatable – especially for younger audiences (I’m looking at you, Millennials and Gen Z) who are looking to engage with brands that embody values they identify with. The wrong post can make a brand seem desperate, out of touch, and at worst – bigoted.

The key is to engage with an issue in a way that is relevant to your brand and audience. Let’s look at some great examples of brands doing it right:

David Jones launched the first videos in their new “At the David Jones Table” content series with a round table discussion called “Women in Conversation”. The four 15 minute videos feature 18 influential Australian women from different backgrounds speaking candidly about important issues relating to women in today’s society. This is perfect for David Jones’ slightly older, educated audience, who would actually want to sit down and engage with the whole series. You can see the series here.

ANZ AuANZ iwd2015stralia took to Twitter to launch their IWD2016 campaign, with a very funny, very on point video in which they get a group of kids to do chores, and then pay the girls less than the boys. It’s a clever way of expressing the unfairness of wage inequality in a way that doesn’t feel accusatory or overly serious. They then link to the work ANZ are doing to promote an #equalfuture. This is relevant for ANZ customers, while also introducing others to what ANZ are able to offer women (I have already signed up to use their Money Minded free financial literacy program). Check out the video here.

What these examples really show is that the key to engaging with potentially difficult and politically charged events lies in understanding your brand and your audience, and keeping things respectful.

I for one can’t wait to see what brands come up with for International Men’s Day! (It’s November 19th, in case anyone was wondering).

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