FUSE FRIDAY’s: Introducing the ‘Selfie Celebrity’

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Anybody can tell you that social media is huge and the internet is full of interesting things (LOL cats), no revelations there. What is really interesting is the sub cultures that this media has helped to create, one of which is the social celebrity. Enabled by the likes of YouTube and Twitter; they’re the selfie-taking, product-placing, hash-tagging personalities that now dominate your news feed and your lunch break at work while you’re trawling YouTube.

A study by the NBC Universal Content Innovation Agency and PSFK has identified a growing trend – the ‘Selfie Celebrity’.

There is a rising class of online-specific talent who have taken ownership over web and mobile. They are curating content for the world to see, and this is in turn being consumed with equal enthusiasm. These new Selfie Celebs have created an entire new industry. From beauty bloggers showing us how to replicate the perfect 60’s eyeliner flick, to random people posting how-to-videos, they’re encouraging new audiences to consume huge amounts of content outside the traditional realms of television and movies. These new content creators are not constrained by the timing of a sitcom or movie and are free to experiment with new forms that are perfectly geared to a modern audience.

Anyone can become a superstar thanks to the accessibility of the internet and social platforms, and audiences are rewarded with a richer and more diverse selection of entertainment. Not to mention, there is money to be made in this space. Five-figure cheques are being made out to people that were making $12 an hour babysitting four minutes ago, thanks to brands recognising the power of social influencers.

Popular culture is embracing the evolving notion of ‘celebrity’, and we are only at the beginning of seeing where Selfie Celebrities and the new form of marketing, PR and interaction they have created, will take us.

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