FUSE FRIDAY’S: Is constant connectivity a disease?

Instead of enjoying the world and soaking it all in, are we too busy photographing it, drafting tweets about it, and reviewing the experience for our networks to see? A study performed in Germany found that Facebook and Twitter were more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. Studies have also found that a staggering 62% of people check their phones during sex… Are we so caught up with checking our devices that we’ve lost sight of the real world?

I think we’re all guilty. We text whilst driving, tweet whilst on a date, interrupt one call to take another, and we don’t even realize how obsessively we check our phones. We are completely bombarded by information every single second of the day.

So what does this mean for our industry? Let’s start creating campaigns that encourage quality interactions, rather than quantity. In an increasingly busy and cluttered world, simply providing consumers with a utility can be incredibly powerful for brands.

Brand utility can come in all shapes and sizes. A brand’s purpose doesn’t need to be philanthropic – the purpose could be to be entertaining, connective, educational or useful.


Take, for example, Stiegl Beer’s free public transport tickets. Stiegl made a big move by replacing the labels on their beer bottles with something much more useful to consumer – free public transport tickets to get home safely. Not only does this brand utility campaign provide a direct service to customer, but it also connects itself to a purpose that’s socially responsible too. How’s that for a quality interaction that gets cut through?

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