FUSE FRIDAYS: It’s a Love Story

Last weekend I along with 75,999 fans went along to watch Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour. Before the concert even started we all saw little snippets of what it’s like to be Tay Tay and I realised what a force she is.

She has created a fan base that is unlike any other in the world and her brand is continually expanding because of it. I’ve never seen so many different people belting out the lyrics to Love Story. Daughters, mothers, dads, boyfriends, friends, straight, gay… everyone clearly feels something when they listen to her.


Why is this?

I pin it down to the fact that Taylor has created a brand that makes everyone feel welcomed, empowered and that not fitting in is the best feeling in the world.

She doesn’t create this brand message by just telling her fans that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to feel embarrassed and it’s okay to fall in love and out of love. She creates it through interacting with her fans.

She has her very own ‘Swiftmas’ where she buys, wraps and delivers Christmas presents to fans. Rumour has it she stalks their social profiles to find out what they would like so she will know they will love their present.

Taylor patrols social feeds to find out where her fans are to try and get a photo with them. She even gave one of her fans a cheque for $1989 to help pay off her student loan! (Taylor if you are reading this I also have a student loan and would really appreciate some help).

She’s crashed bridal showers, invited fans to her house, baked them cookies, let them play with her famous cats Olivia and Meredith… the list just goes on and on.

Taylor is more a friend to them rather than just a person they admire.

Whether brands are in the music industry or not, there is a lot they can learn from her. The more you can make your brand feel like a friend, the more people are going to be receptive to your messages.

Another brand who is doing extremely well with this is Starbucks.

Rather than heavily branding their content, they are creating content and using user-generated content to show the culture of being a Starbucks lover. The audience is made to feel like they are a part of something, rather than just the simple transaction of purchasing a coffee.



What does all the effort of being a friend achieve though?

Clearly just looking at the stadium on Saturday night says it all.


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