FUSE FRIDAYS: It’s beginning to look a lot like Australian Christmas


The trees are up in DJ’s, the first cherries are in the shops and we’re getting a few of those insanely hot days – IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE AUSTRALIAN CHRISTMAS. If you’re anything like me the first sign of tinsel brings you out in a kind of Christmas-specific anxiety. The major symptoms are an increased interest in egg nog (What is nog? Why does it exist? Is it as gross as it sounds?), and a high volume of list-making in the vain hope that maybe, just maybe this year I won’t forget anyone.

But what does this mean for brands? Already we’re seeing the first wave Christmas themed content, like this Billy Elliot inspired one for Burberry, starring a mini Beckham, amongst other super cool Brits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=961k-cHjMLk

Now I hear you say “Christmas is still ages away!” Well:

  1. It really isn’t, I mean we’re already well into November and you really need to get your mum something thoughtful this year (she works so hard).


  1. A new study from our friends at Outbrain highlighting content consumption trends for the 2014 holiday season has shown that consumers are eager for holiday content much earlier in the buying cycle than we think.

That’s great news for brands looking to capitalise on the holiday season (see: all of them). The problem is that most brands are struggling to meet the high demand for early holiday-related content. This is especially true in Australia, where we are way behind. Take a look at the UK, where the unveiling of Christmas ads is an event, and has become a tradition.

UK department store John Lewis consistently creates amazing Christmas content. This is their Cannes Grand Prix winning ad from last year:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iccscUFY860 . Monty the Penguin was a huge success, and it didn’t end with the film. Before the film was released they had been teasing it online, and once it dropped they also launched VR games, merchandise, music, in-store activations and more. They just released their Christmas ad for 2015 a week ago today, and already the amount of additional coverage that it has earned from think pieces, parodies and more is astounding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuz2ILq4UeA .

We can learn a couple of great things from these examples:

  1. It is super important to plan your content strategy well in advance.
  2. Connecting with your audience emotionally about the things they care about creates compelling Christmas content.
  3. Building on previous successful content campaigns, while also finding new and exciting ways to communicate with your audience is key to building a lasting relationship.

Even if you’re a total Scrooge it’s now past time to get on board and start trying to meet that demand. According to Outbrain the Xmas headlines with the highest CTR include the word “Egg”, so if I were you I would make a recommendation for some nog-based content ASAP.



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