FUSE FRIDAY’S: Keeping your media agency as a social media friend

This week, the UK became the second market to introduce Instagram paid products to the platform. Following the US launch in late 2013, the Facebook-owned app will run ads from brands including Starbucks, Cadbury, Estee Lauder and Sony Music in the UK from this week.

Data from the US suggests we’ll see strong results too, with Chobani seeing huge reach (4m US users), increases in ad recall (+22 points) and consideration (+7 points) for the yogurt snack.

So, it begs the question, how can Australian brands be ready when new social opportunities like this arise? How do clients keep ahead of the constantly changing social curve?

Arm your media agency with your social strategy.

Chances are, it’ll be media agency doors that get the first knock when it comes to new innovation and changes in the platform that clients can invest in.

Reality is that once social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) hit certain scale, naturally the newest innovation and changes are made with commercial gain in mind.

And this doesn’t just mean for paid products. Investment from social media platforms in education, training and knowledge on the newest organic updates to their platform also gives media agency social teams a voice of authority over some peers.

As a result, media agency teams become experts in both the organic and paid elements of platforms; building complete campaigns, all under one roof.

This is compounded further as media agencies shift their paid social media buying into programmatic trading desks. Not only are strong media agencies developing and creating campaigns with best in class education, but the paid media investment that sits behind the initiative is continually measured and optimised in real time via a DSP, minimising wastage of information, energy and money.

Even outside of the specific social media platforms, it’s your media agency that’ll be able to make your media dollars drive social return, for example via social integration into TV sponsorship deals, a social partnership with media talent or displaying your social media content on outdoor billboards.

A very fortunate positon, but to make this work, media agencies have a duty and responsibility too.

Firstly, it’s about recognising that this still requires collaboration and talent from clients and other agencies to get the content right, but moreover, it’s about getting the right people working on the account.

To achieve success, not only do you need a healthy mix of creativity (designers, strategists), process (account teams, managers) and analytics (traders, planners) – but more over people that LOVE working in the space. People that want to do great, award winning work and see learning about this stuff as a passion, not as a pay check.

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