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Last week Thomas from Fuse Melbourne gave us the low down on how brand’s use ambush marketing tactics to unofficially align with major events. But, here in Sydney we are currently busy getting our boots dirty with Macca’s and their sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup™ and thought it only relevant to provide an insight into how brands, who are official sponsors of major events, truly make the most of it!

In case you’ve missed it, McDonald’s are the official restaurant of the FIFA World Cup™. A title that in itself carries with it not only the best association that 2014 has to offer but what I would argue as the best sponsorship asset negotiated (ever). Their “Player Escort” program gives 22 kids from all over the world the opportunity to walk on to the pitch, with a player, prior to the final in Rio. A moment guaranteed to be a part of the number one most watched broadcast in the world on July 13th. However, this is merely one part of a much broader 360 marketing communications initiative that leverages the association at every touch point – including the creation of bespoke FIFA World Cup™ menu items.

What does a global sponsorship of this nature really mean locally for a brand like McDonald’s? Well for me, I think the best thing is the ability for tailored integration across the globe. This means two things, firstly, access to sponsorship assets that talk cross-country and can be amplified in any market. Assets such as the McDonald’s GOL TVC and if you’ve not seen it yet, “Fry Futbol” content.  Secondly, it also means the flexibility for individual markets (like Australia) to talk in a language the locals understand. For us and our current partnership with Nine, this means giving away free stuff – money can’t buy trips to the World Cup! Macca’s have always been a big supporter of community and local sporting clubs, so in Australia we decided to leverage this and reward one lucky kid with the opportunity to go to the World Cup for his sterling demonstration of fair play.

Whilst we loved giving a ticket to a 10 year old for his fair play efforts, we thought it wouldn’t be fair play on our part to not let the adults have a go! So, we are also giving away a ticket to an Ultimate Fan – someone who embodies the spirit of the World Cup!

(If by chance you’re reading this prior to 4pm on Friday the 6th June 2014 and fancy yourself a trip to Rio – check it out here http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/today/win/2014/be-the-ultimate-fan/)

But what’s a couple of tickets given away on national TV without something else to show for it? Well outside of this is the amplification of content to tell our winner’s stories across TV, magazines, digital and social media. So continue to keep an eye out as Fuse and Macca’s countdown to Brazil!

Kicking Gols!

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