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Coca Cola has set themselves an ambitious global target to reach 75% recovery rate of cans and bottles in developed markets.

Coca Cola and Grey Dhaka agency decided to take on this challenge by teaching the population of Bangladesh’s capital (Dhaka) the value of recycling. With over 15 million in population the town is vastly polluted with rubbish, with many of its residents lacking awareness on the use of recycling.

rec3To tackle this problem they have tapped in to the power of gamification to draw awareness to the cause. Coca Cola have launched ‘The Happiness Campaign’ creating the world’s first arcade machine that collects recycled bottles in exchange to play a classic Coke branded game, Pong.

Their slogan, ‘one game at a time’ signifies the importance of change, that one impact can make a difference regardless of its scale.

In light of Coke’s ongoing campaign ‘Where Will Happiness Strike Next’ Coke have powered an effective marketing campaign which has not only seen the soda company build that ‘good business’ reputation, but also draws attention to the value of recycling.

Much like this year’s Clean Up Australia Day, McDonald’s wanted to work on approaching the community with a new direction to change the way we think when we recycle. Campaigns just like Coca Cola’s Happiness Arcade are changing our perceptions of recycling, whilst we don’t necessarily avoid it, our interests take priority and we find ourselves frequently assigning it as a chore.

Rather than your usual ‘print on a label’ that offers the option for you to recycle, we’re seeing gamification effectively communicating entertainment around recycling. Whilst the machine is not necessarily sustainable there is no doubt Coke are raising awareness. It might not revolutionize the gaming and recycling industries, but it’s a positive step in the right direction.

Source: Co.CREATE


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