FUSE FRIDAY’S: Rold Gold put the drama back into pretzels


Who doesn’t love pretzels and a good soap opera?  With the help of Rold Gold you can enjoy both.

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The House of Gold campaign taps into the insight that working women long for a break in the middle of the work day.

This is the first significant campaign from the brand since Jason Alexander from Seinfeld starred in their television commercial in 1995.  A very traditional company founded in 1917 has not taken the leap into digital, content or social until NOW!

Fuse Fridays Image 2The House of Gold is content at its finest – a simple consumer insight filtering through to a BIG IDEA that can live cross-platform. House of Gold launched onto our Facebook screens, March 15th 2014 and has grown over the last month to a number of different social platforms.  The campaign has influenced the company’s wider marketing and social communications with content featuring cheeky pretzel characters in real life situations.

The brand was walking down the stale side of the street and was missing a unique voice in the market. The House of Gold has given instant personality to the brand and allowed Rold Gold to have a voice across a number of social channels. The campaign has also uncovered a number of different characters that talk to the audience in new and engaging ways.

Why digital now?  The shift lies in the fact that Rold Gold’s marketing team needed to engage audiences and make a big impact with very limited resources and budget. Rold Gold needed to be accountable and justify every marketing dollar spent. This includes providing campaign benchmarks, tracking and results. Now Rold Gold can take advantage of these innovations in technology that were previously unavailable.

Is the campaign a sales success? Who knows? Rold Gold are holding back on sharing their sales data.  One thing that is crystal clear is that a simple insight, strong execution, and giving personality to the brand have made pretzels social.  Consumers can connect, share a conversation and engage with a once stale, salty chip.

The House of Gold reunion special aired on June 11th – so what next?  For the first time in their history Rold Gold now has an engaged audience waiting online for their next slice of juicy pretzel gossip.

I can’t wait to see what happens next in the pretzel house of love!




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