Fuse Fridays: Social Media Integrations is Key for TV Sponsorships


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As multi-screening grows, social media integrations is key for TV Sponsorships.

We might be monogamous in love, but not in device usage. We’re at the age of multi-screening where 75% of online Australians say they watch TV and use the internet simultaneously. We’re a multi-tasking bunch too with 31 % of Australians say they have triple-screened!

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As this grows, it’s more important than ever for brands to consider how they can effectively integrate their social media strategies into TV Sponsorship negotiations. It’s critical this is planned early on to maximise opportunities, support campaigns and drive audience engagement.

Twitter is the natural real-time social media platform where brands can leverage TV sponsorships with reactive content and respond to live conversations. Twitter Amplify allow brands to capture relevant snippets of a TV shows key moments and amplify to mass social and mobile audiences through SnappyTV. Primetime TV shows like The Bachelor, MasterChef and The Block are now involving their viewers more than ever, leveraging multi-screen behaviour to encourage interaction on social media. Products like Periscope can add to the experience further by offering live streaming for talent or participant Q&As.

Agencies and brands should be collaborating with the TV networks early on to see where then can leverage these additional opportunities, ensuring they are the right fit for both and deliver value to the audience.

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Here are some considerations to improve your sponsorship social integration wish list:

  • Agree volume of posts to curate, share, mention or amplify from social channels
  • Look at unique ways to leverage latest emerging channels, formats & technology that will appeal to the forward thinking Networks
  • Discuss ways to drive awareness of channels via in-show hashtag or handle integration
  • Negotiate behind the scenes or exclusive content that can be used specifically for social media usage
  • Agree different types of content for different channels – don’t just copy and paste
  • Review opportunities to leverage participant or talent social media handles

There are multiple ways you can measure the success of social media integration within a TV show. KPIs like reach, views, engagement and clicks can be tracked via social analytical tools and review peaks correlating to when the show was airing.

Pre and post social listening reports can measure impact in the online space through change in volume of mentions or sentiment.

Effective social media integration can deliver incremental reach and engagement to your TV sponsorship investment. However, to truly maximise potential, it requires you to work collaboratively with the networks and appreciate they know what works for their properties. It’s about creating mutually beneficial opportunities that have one aligned objective – to engage the viewers.


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