Fuse Friday’s: The Challenge of Content

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Present day, media campaigns have come a very long way, we are seeing integrated content as the new norm. Consumers are smarter and require a reason to engage. However, with the increased demand and popularity of content from clients and from a media consumption perspective, how do brands produce relevant content?

Recently, I read an article addressing the issue of how content is slowly becoming this generation’s banner ad, as so many brands are losing sight of the actual role in the universe of brand campaigns. Content needs to be developed from a strategic standpoint and of course requires optimisation, to ensure production money is actually driving engagement to the right people. Content cannot be expected or KPI’d against purchase conversion, due to its mid funnel function.

A brand that has nailed the role of integrated content is David Jones with their recent #ShotbySound campaign, instead of a TVC campaign they’ve collaborated with Daniel Johns to create a piece of content. It is a 5 minute live performance to trigger a series of cameras to capture a fashion parade happening at the same. Music and Fashion are the Jay-Z and Beyoncé of category synergies. To see this captured solidly in an integrated piece of content is fantastic. It shows a big traditional brand being brave and attuned to this audience, putting them ahead of the curve. Although, this is not the first time we have seen music artist integrate with brands, it is most certainly refreshing for such a large retailer who aligns themselves with design and trend credibility.

The campaign is still supported by OOH and direct mail, but the shift from a traditional TVC to content is a milestone for the brand and will most likely set the pace for direct competitors and likeminded brands.

The reason why this campaign works is because it adds value to the consumer, it features an unreleased Daniel Johns song capturing the consumer’s attention, whilst the premise of the piece is capturing fashion with the beats of the music, making the consumer actually pay attention to their screens.

However, we do know that with all positives, come the negatives and this dream boat of integrated content can quickly sink when consumers are polarised, unconvinced or unintentionally amused by your content. Once a brand has published their piece into the big bad world of the internet, it is essentially at the mercy of the audience (of course buffered by an exception optimisation strategy).  This is exactly why any content recommendation needs to come with a risk assessment and a clear reason for being there.

Nevertheless, if you and the client are aware of the risks of publishing content, there is huge potential for the brand to create a truly relevant and impactful piece of content.

So, go forth, embrace the challenge of creating great content and get it out there.

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