FUSE FRIDAYS: The David Bowie Filter


Hold on to your hats OMDers, Fuse Friday is back up and running for what will be a game changing 2016! 2015 was a year where brands created a thicker, richer, more creative playbook and as the year came to a close, tried to inject a bit of cheer into your Christmas period with surfing Santa’s and 10 metre tall Christmas trees made out of Lego. 2016 has already seen some genius activations promising a great year ahead for the ad world, however, just a couple of days ago the world was rocked as a cultural icon, visionary, creative genius and hero passed away. David Bowie was an innovator in every way, he stepped into the vacuum left by the Beatles’ break-up in 1970 and developed an array of strategies that have gone on to become the common sense of popular culture and of business itself.

Bowie stood out as a celebration of our many faces: masculine and feminine, glamorous and quirky, intellectual and playful. He was proof that embracing varieties doesn’t dilute you; it accentuates you. Bowie built his own personal global brand constantly adapting to the media landscape and at the same time shaping popular music for two decades. He created the perfect model of how a successful brand can conduct itself – with innovation, style and culture.

During an interview in 2002 with Terry Gross, host of NPR’s Fresh Air, Bowie shared an insight into his unique lens in which he was viewing rock music at the beginning of the 70s. Bowie went on say that he believed in a ‘hybridisation about what in fact rock music was and what it could become’.

By not being afraid to choose his own filter in looking at a whole music genre, Bowie managed to create a new music culture that went on to change the world’s music landscape forever.

Perhaps as we sail deeper into 2016, we could take from this great creative hero, a new way of responding to our clients by applying the #BowieFilter, as we inspire them to what they could become, by being aware of their competitive landscape but not letting this dim their ability to shine.


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