FUSE FRIDAY’S: The new ‘It Girl’

I often find myself tirelessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, appreciating the latest fashion trends and envying bikini bloggers frolicking on luxurious beaches while drinking copious amounts of wine. Seriously who are these girls and where can I sign up?

It was here on a recent stalkathon that I came to the realisation that I am now more invested in the life of a social influencer than I am of a traditional celebrity… I’m sorry Beyoncé, it’s not you, it’s me.

According to this week’s article by Paul McIntyre in the Australian Financial Review I am not alone, “Independent social media influencers and bloggers are generating much higher interaction levels than many of the biggest names in music, media, TV and Hollywood.”

Why do we care what these genetically blessed social influencers have to say? Well in a nutshell, we trust them! Their content is authentic and we crave firsthand information that comes from likeminded people we trust and have an affinity towards. Because of this, influencers have the ability to start, share and spread online conversations, which are incredibly valuable to brands.

We’re sick of seeing celebs earning millions of dollars for a 30 second commercial and a few dull appearances. They don’t care about the brand and we, as consumers, no longer care about them.

Remember when Britney Spears struck up an 8 million dollar deal with Pepsi and promised to release some of the greatest commercials we’ve ever seen? Nope, neither do we!

So farewell Britney and your expensive celebrity status “Bloggers now have the power, over traditional talent, to change brand perception and increase awareness for brands,” says Brand Data CEO Georgie Summerhayes.

To feed this demand, Australian brands now have access to some of the world’s leading bloggers with impact. For example, Australia’s biggest fashion bloggers, Kate Waterhouse, Margaret Zhang, Amanda Shadforth, Zanita Whittington and Nadia Fairfax, together share a combined Instagram following of 1,456,500 and their own TV show on E!. If this doesn’t prove the rise of the new ‘It Girl’, I’m not sure what does.

So here I go again, wishing I was an influencer with thousands of followers who genuinely like me and the content I share. Because let’s be honest, no one cares about the posts I share on a Saturday night after one too many tequila shots… Sorry guys!



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