FUSE FRIDAY’S: The rise of the Snap!


The rise of social media sees the creation of more and more platforms for people to connect with. This means that channels have to constantly evolve and adapt by looking for niche solutions and behaviours that attract users to their individual platforms.


One platform that is interestingly on the rise internationally is Snapchat. It began as a ‘sexting’ service of sorts, providing an interesting way for users to send 10 second snapshots of their lives, and it has now evolved into a powerful social media platform with around 100 million active daily users. This Snapchat craze is supported mostly by a millennial audience and has been recognised by celebrities alike. For the the biggest models, musicians, actors and socialites in the industry it’s another point of interaction with their fans and an intimate insight into the mostly glamourous/everyday lives their favourite celebs live. Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne, Tyler The Creator, and Jared Leto are just some of the celebs to join in on the fun!


The idea that Snapchat offers a new kind of coverage is an interesting proposition for brands as it acts as another avenue to connect with their consumers. It differs from other social media platforms as it provides a more intimate and exclusive experience with the ability to start visual conversations directly with consumers. Some brands internationally have utilised these features quite well including Taco Bell who used the platform to announce that their famous Beefy Crunch Burrito would be returning back in stores.


Other brands have used the platform to deliver exclusive content such as a look behind the scenes at events and their daily operations. MTV used the platform to promote the sixth season of Geordie shore by sending snaps of exclusive footage of the cast before the show’s premiere. It’s also quite prominent with fashion brands such as Vogue, who show raw footage of behind the scenes at shoots, and Louis Vuitton who launched their resort collection and shared the experience via the channel.

In addition to this, Snapchat has started to put a larger emphasis on media content. They work with a number of partners within their ‘Discover’ section including networks such as: News.com.au, CNN, MTV and even The Food Network, displaying viewable segments. This is an awesome offering for media partners and I hope that we’ll start seeing the creation of more bespoke content specifically for the platform, rather than repurposing assets.

They also provide live coverage of events, festivals and cities around the world through a compilation of curated user snaps. This is a great way for audiences to connect on a global scale and make them feel like they were there too. I think that this is also an opportunity for brands to showcase the consumer experience at their own events and is a great way to increase brand awareness.

Moreover, earlier this year a television show was produced specifically for the platform which again is another proposition in itself. The Show, Literally Can’t Even, a show written and starring Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn (daughters of the famous, Steven Spielberg and John Goldwyn), follow the girls as “Friends and writing partners who go through breakups, juice cleanses, and other Los Angeles-esque trials of young adulthood”. This again, illuminates the endless prospects that Snapchat has to offer.


This opens huge opportunities for different brands wishing to reach and communicate with their audience in a fun and unique way. And for brands that do jump on the bandwagon, they get the chance to engage and have a conversation with a younger demo. I’ve seen very few Aussie brands engage with this platform and I believe they’re missing out!  I would really love to see more use of the platform by brands frequently and predict that we’ll start seeing these strategies appearing more prominently around Australia within the next year or so!









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