FUSE FRIDAY’S: The Suarez Effect

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Most people I know wouldn’t be able to tell you the score of the Uruguay v Italy match (1- nil to Uruguay) but all of them wont stop talking about the Suarez biting incident. My social feed has been filled with memes, not just from friends but also from brands.


It seems that controversy sells – or at the very least makes great content!

As the dust settles, the player gets fined and more content is sure to follow. But, as brands go back to the daily running of their marketing programs I can’t help but be left with a few questions.

1 – Was this ‘real time’ marketing as most of the trade press and bloggers will have you believe or was this simply ‘topical’?

Sure, brands saw an opportunity and acted quickly to deliver messages on the heels of this global news event, but in my opinion they were simply taking advantage of a topical story – Creating content off the back of an event that is already being talked about. Most posts happened hours after the event when discussions were already happening in people’s own conversations.

Many brands would have had to go through a sign off process: ‘The Bite’ – Content idea proposed to client – Client and Legal sign off – Design – Client approval – Push live. This in and of itself makes any response delayed.

To truly be considered as ‘real time’ these brands would have had to have anticipated that a news story would happen, have had creative, design, legal and client teams set up in a ‘war room’ watching live and responding as a team. Effectively ‘breaking news’ as opposed to being a part of the 6pm bulletin the following night.

2 – Did these posts actually work for brands?

There is no doubt that posts of this type work. Sotrender compared posts regarding Suarez against other posts in June with average interactions on twitter up an astounding 1129% and Facebook up 97%.


With so many brands fighting for attention, speed to market is essential but isn’t the only element required for success, with pictures and handles also playing important roles.


3 – All at a cost!

This is more an observation than a question but as I came into work the day of this event the bleary eyes and empty coffee cups next to our design team and community managers told there own story. Fortunately so did the results!


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