Fuse Fridays: To Create or Not to Create


As a content strategist, I naturally read about content a lot and, as anyone in marketing will tell you, there’s a ton of it out there. In fact, there’s more created every single day than you could actually read or watch in your entire life.

It’s content pollution.

And what’s the remedy for pollution?


So in that spirit, I’ve deemed 2016 as the year of curation as opposed to creation. Brands like Pepsi Max and The Fat Jew (I would argue he is now a “brand”) are curating content constantly and pushing it out through their own channels. Content is a fuel like gasoline… and the engines are never satiated.

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Some of the benefits of curation:

  • It’s cost-effective — you’re not building anything from scratch
  • It’s plentiful (see point above) — you never run out
  • It lends credibility to your brand’s own channels and content

So because writing this article and creating these very words is going against my entire point, I shall go no further. Instead, please find my carefully curated list of top articles that explain, celebrate, champion and ultimately break down any lingering mysteries about content curation:

  1. Pressly is a content curation start up out of Toronto, Canada who have done a neat little write up on their top content curation best practices: https://www.pressly.com/content-curation-best-practices/
  1. The Content Marketing Institute is a bit of a bible and here they share 3 often over-looked curation strategies: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2016/04/content-curation-strategies/
  1. OK, admittedly this is not an article about curation but it is one of my favourite content marketing blogs and it’s an article about The Fat Jew so enough said: https://insights.newscred.com/why-the-fat-jew-is-the-king-of-the-internet-millennial-marketing/
  1. A great summary of the 5 steps to curation that I love and I don’t even know the website that published it. #contenttranscendsall http://writtent.com/blog/how-to-curate-content-for-your-business-blog/

This article was partially created using 100% recycled material.

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