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Trends with Benefits: How Brands are Adding Value to Your Day

From Carlsberg’s beer dispensing billboard to Pepsi Max’s ‘Unbelievable’ campaign, it’s clear that brand utility is currently trending, and there are a plethora of reasons as to why.

In an industry where measurement is everything, giving an interactive edge to an outdoor campaign is key. Reinventing a static billboard in an innovative way can greatly improve consumer experience but it’s also a smart way to boost ROI and measure engagement.

More often than not, these interactive promotions positively disrupt the environment they are placed in entirely, creating a strong talking-point for consumers as they stop to look at these campaigns. IBM’s ‘Smarter Cities’ campaign where they gave a useful purpose to billboards is the perfect example of this.

Brand utility campaigns such as the one from IBM repeatedly combine a medium with a service, creating an entirely new platform for brands to communicate and create genuine relationships with their audience.

Recently, Happiness Brussels and the Peruvian League against Cancer teamed up to beautifully showcase the above points through their initiative, Shadow Wi-Fi.

Shadow Wi-Fi provides beach-goers in Peru free access to wireless internet, with a slight catch; A branded structure is placed on a busy beach, creating a shadowed area for people to seek shade. Provided they remain within this shadow, they are free to access the internet on their devices.




To get connected, patrons must record their details on a sign-up mechanism, which then allows the Peruvian League against Cancer to send them informative emails with key messages.

The activation offers a service by attracting attention whilst at the same time achieving the goal of educating Peruvians on skin cancer and the dangers of extended exposure to the sun.

The campaign flawlessly demonstrates the need for brand utility in promotions by successfully changing consumer behaviour, an otherwise difficult task. The organisation managed to make itself valuable to the public through their intuitive understanding of its audience and their needs. Although the results of this campaign are yet to be released, it is safe to say that Shadow Wi-Fi is measureable, distinctive, useful and downright clever

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