FUSE FRIDAYS: Trump Trumps

As we’ve seen from the recent republican presidential candidate race, sometimes saying exactly what’s on your mind can be a winner with the voting public.

TRUMPIn the United States, republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s straight talking and consistent messages have turned him from an unlikely player to the dominant republican candidate. This just goes to show that sometimes the public love to hear people speak the truth – and even if it doesn’t sit right with everyone, for Mr Trump it’s working. 

His latest bout of verbal diarrhoea was directed at stunning supermodel model Heidi Klum, when he boldly stated she was “No longer a ten” #HeidiTrumpsTrump  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRbvOWCsS-Q. Despite the controversy surrounding this, Trump’s latest call propelled him further ahead, with the polls showing 32% of the republican vote in his favour, which is twice that of his closest opponent, Jeb Bush http://news.yahoo.com/trump-widens-lead-over-u-republican-presidential-field-224439794.html 

There are key learnings that brands can take from how he has managed his campaign. Unlike other candidates, the billionaire businessman and reality TV magnate has solely focused his campaign around one core policy, immigration laws, a hot topic in the US following proposed amendments instigated by the Obama administration. 

Mr Trump has done this because he clearly understands his target market and knows what they want. Due to his level of understanding surrounding his core demographic, he’s not afraid to step on a few toes or offend people that don’t sit in his catchment. It is because of this, he is striking a chord with the more conservative republicans. This is no different to the way the world’s most successful brands clearly understand their core consumer and tailor their brand story around one profound consumer insight which resonates with them… And, if like Trump, the story is believable, success will follow. 

Whilst Donald can be an extremely polarising figure, at least the voting public know what he stands for due to his consistent brand message and his ‘what you see, is what you get’ approach. Where his fellow candidates are lacking is that they are trying to appeal to too many people and are too afraid to step out onto a ledge in fear of causing offence. If you do the same with a brand or product campaign, you would get the same results. If you try to appeal to everyone and anyone, you’ll ultimately end up appealing to no one. 

Whether you’re interested in politics or not, the way Trump has managed to understand his consumer, and has then built his campaign through straight shooting and a strong single minded message demonstrates that the classic marketing basics still work. 

Keep it simple stupid seems to apply here. 

You don’t need to like him to learn from how he’s marketed himself and built his campaign. 

I say good luck to Mr Trump, if this former reality TV star can do it then perhaps we’ll see Kim Kardashian owning 2020.

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