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We are a celebrity obsessed culture, and that has always translated into our Advertising model, with 15% of all traditional TVC’s featuring Celebrities, not to even mention the stratospheric rise of influencer marketing in the digital space.

With the traditional advertising model shifting and evolving faster than ever these last few years, it has prompted us as media pro’s to plan for the future to ensure that we are keeping up with the every growing consumer appetite for engaging content.

The future of how we consume new mediums is travelling at lighting speed towards reality…but not our own. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. So many realties to sample, so little time!

These realities were the hot topic of this year’s SXSW innovation festival in Austin, which has launched the likes of Meerkat and Twitter. Exhibitors Samsung, IMB, NASA, Mashable, McDonalds, Budweiser to name a few all had Virtual Reality experiences on offer. Facebook is leading the charge, by launch its $2billion dollar Oculus Rift VR headset this year, we are on the precipice of a literal ‘game changer’, and for once that term is not just being bandied around.

Some forward thinking companies are already experimenting with how this translates to partnering with Talent. Recently Etihad used Nicole Kidman to give a VR tour of its A380, SBS can take you into Heston’s kitchen, Alibaba is letting you win VR dates with Celebrities, and publisher Jaunt, who is tipped to be the next Netflix, is providing complete cinematic VR experiences.

So, what do we need to do to get up to speed? If you are a follower of AOL’s Digital Prophet, Shingy (yes that is his real title), the sky is the limit and we need to start planning.

In his SXSW coverage piece he says “We need to be setting aside the talent and budget to experiment with the experiences that are to come…”

“Immersive, virtual worlds are not nearly as far away as you think and will be upon us before we know it. They provide unique challenges to content creators, viewers and advertisers alike, and their radical newness is a bright light that exposes some of the most insidious faults in our industry.”

“Experimentation must begin now to have a chance at being ready when consumers have lift-off.”

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AOL’s Digital Prophet Shingy

With more and more brands looking to create immersive experiences, VR will undoubtedly become part of the marketing mix sooner rather than later, no matter how daunting or intrusive it is seen to be right now. Utilising the right talent to provide this ultimate one-to-one connection will help brands guide their audiences through this new and exciting frontier.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have my yoga appointment with Lebron James.

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