FUSE FRIDAY’S: Why A Magic 8 Ball will make you rethink your strategy

The Emmy Awards took over social media earlier this week with Facebook and Twitter battling it out for the most innovative ways to engage viewers in Real Time.

Whilst Twitter kept celebs busy with an instant GIF booth backstage and an overhead zip-line camera over the red carpet, Facebook was bringing fans exclusive access to their favourite celebrities with an interactive device – the ‘Mentions Box’ #worldfirst.







The Mentions Box worked as a Magic 8 Ball, selecting fan questions to be answered by the chosen celebrity who could record a video response on the spot to be posted straight onto Facebook. Whilst this would have had a fair few PR assistants in a tizz, it presented a unique opportunity to show the capability of social media on the red carpet.

As brands and social platforms are becoming increasingly impatient in allowing celebrities and users to post naturally, what does this mean for the ones that are caught up in approvals and red tape?

If we can learn anything from award shows and major sport events, we know that if it’s not ‘Real Time’ – it ain’t worth talking about. Smart brands have teams of community managers on call to create content to react to everything from outfit choices to wardrobe malfunctions. ‘Real Time’ responses and leveraging trending topics is crucial to any successful social strategy.

#FlashbackFriday to these gems below:











When content is moving this fast, brands that are slow to react are running the risk of appearing out of touch, slow or scared. Even brands that are too quick off the mark can appear inauthentic, e.g. Mercedes-Benz who tweeted a full four days before the event.














The opportunity cost of not being dynamic and responsive to topical events that are happening in your community, proves brands that are afraid to get involved will be left behind. It’s time to step away from ‘The Fear’ of getting it wrong and embrace the opportunity to test and learn with relevant, engaging content – otherwise the question begs to be asked… what is the point of being on social at all?


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