Fuse Fridays: Why people donated $100k to dig a hole



The Holiday Season (or as it is often referred, the Silly Season) is upon us and it’s off to a great start as earlier this week people tuned in to watch a hole being dug. This is not a joke, Cards Against Humanity (‘a party game for horrible people’) crowd-funded the digging of a hole, or as they christened it, the ‘Holiday Hole’.

Seriously, people could contribute their money to pay the excavators to keep digging. This resulted in a total of $100,573 being donated to the cause.


Why you may ask? Well, Cards Against Humanity would ask ‘why not?’ and that’s the “hole” point of it.



When you think about it, it’s brilliant! Cards Against Humanity have successfully communicated their brand. They’re fun, irreverent and unconventional to say the least, with the ‘Holiday Hole’ being only one of many weird and wonderful campaigns they have run.

The result of being unconventional is that they have been able to engage with audiences on a level that other brands only strive for.



Some members of the audience were contributing over $1,000 to keep the dig going!












Sometimes brands can get so consumed by their product campaigns and focus solely on sales messaging that they forget to let their brand personality shine.

In such a competitive environment, it’s this type of attention grabbing brand engagement that creates affinity with the audience and keeps it top of mind.

In no way is this meant to be me telling you to go out and dig a hole, please don’t take me literally. While digging a hole worked for Cards Against Humanity, brands need to consider how they can amplify their brand personality and get their target audience talking about them.

This requires marketers to be brave and remember that every brand has a unique story that should be shared. This provides an opportunity to drive brand love and create a relationship beyond utility!

Now it’s time to put your brand hat on and go find your hole to dig.

Happy digging!

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