FUSE FRIDAY’S: Why uncontrollable screaming & swooning is a good thing

Symptoms include uncontrollable screaming, swooning and spending hours on Twitter and Facebook. It primarily affects preteen and teen girls, yet it is highly contagious and can infect mothers, too. In severe cases, sufferers camp out on sidewalks for days.

Not sure which plague we’re talking about? Sufferers go by a few names: Beliebers, Directioners, Swifties. That’s right- we’re talking about millennial music obsessions.

With fandom at fever pitch, now is a better time than ever to launch a campaign for the new SingStar: Ultimate Party game that taps into the euphoric love millennials have for their musical idols. Harnessing this passion, FUSE has developed a partnership with pop music barometer Take 40 and SingStar to deliver an innovative radio campaign with the launch of a live radio sing along.


The campaign encourages listeners to take part in a first-ever live radio sing along featuring their favourite music artists via the Take 40 mobile app. Listeners will be encouraged to record a short video clip of themselves singing along to the radio on their smartphones. The best entries recorded via the app will feature on the following week’s Take 40 show, and they’ll also go in the running to win cash prizes and Ultimate Party Packs which include a PlayStation4 and the SingStar: Ultimate Party game.

Singing along to the radio is something we’ve always done so we’ve developed this campaign to take that existing behaviour and use it in a way that is fun, engaging and that delivers the brand message. At the same time, we’re demonstrating the product innovation (which is that you can use your smartphone as a microphone) by allowing users to record a performance via the Take 40 app on their smart phones.

“But what about the camera-shy folk?!” I hear you cry. Not to worry, we’ve developed a microsite with a 2nd chance draw for those who don’t want to (or can’t) sing. Supported by an extensive digital and radio plan, the partnership mixes brand and promotional messaging in an engaging and relevant environment for millenials.

There’s a lot to be said for harnessing the power of a passion and using it to communicate a brand message, as long as it is done well. Building on a passion and delivering something that adds value or utility will land your brand message in the right environment, to the right audience.

So, bring on the divas, the microphone hogs, the knee sliders and the lyric-maker-upperers for the launch of SingStar: Ultimate Party. The campaign launches this Saturday on Take 40 so download the app and get involved!

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