Google or Gogglebox?

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The UK TV phenomenon, Gogglebox, launched this week and on its Foxtel debut was the 2nd highest rating show that night on Pay TV. The next day in the office I bravely yelled out, “I watched Gogglebox and I loved it”.

Amongst an audience of TV buyers, search specialists and digital planners, it caused quite the stir. “It’s just a show about people watching TV” yelled one colleague. “It’s bogans watching bogans!” exclaimed another. “I never watch TV anymore” my Gen Y team member casually announced.

A colleague comrade in arms piped up to save me, “I watched it too and I thought it was brilliant”.It was the sort of watercooler conversation that we love TV for. But of course with media buying being our profession we then reverted back into our daily roles. “TV is the best way to reach a mass audience” said one. “But digital is so personal” said another. Then, “Foxtel better watch out – Netflix is coming”. Even I piped up to say “Yeah I’ve been thinking about cancelling my Foxtel subscription…”

It’s the constant media argument that goes round and round. Mass or Targeted? TV or Digital? However, we could at least all agree that you don’t watch TV on your own, you don’t go (generally) to the movies on your own. The brilliant thing about Gogglebox, and so the show demonstrates, is that watching TV with friends and family in the home is the best part of our day after work. Nothing beats that. Whereas digital is highly personal, something that we do on our own, when we want and how we want.

Despite our differences and agendas, I successfully convinced three of my fellow doubters to watch Gogglebox next week, we just had to Google what time it was on.

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