Higher performance through delegation

I wonder what we all do out of sheer habit rather than a deliberate choice? I book my own flights and hotels. It’s something I’ve done for ages. Relatively easy; I’m used to the online systems I use and know the hotels and carriers. It’s also a control thing. If I do it I know it will be right (although to be fair I have made mistakes).

And yet if I was a client, I’d ask myself “is that really what you should be spending your time doing?”. Sure, I come up with plenty of justification but the true answer would be “no”.

So I have now stopped doing it and delegated the recurring task to a very capable person who was absolutely ready, willing and able to do it. Yes, it took more time the first trip that was booked. There were a few calls and emails more than usual and that is of course where people often give up and go “easier to do it myself”. And back they are stuck doing the wrong tasks, out of habit.

If we really want high performance from ourselves as managers or leaders, we need to regularly delegate tasks to others and free ourselves up to do the activities that our roles demand. That discipline of delegating regularly, with a strong process to ensure everyone understands what needs to be done, will drive results and performance and isn’t that what we all want for ourselves and our businesses?

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