How to sell brilliant ideas


670px-Patent-an-Idea-Step-2-Version-3Anyone can sell an idea but not everyone can sell a brilliant idea.

Day in day out, thousands, even millions of brilliant ideas are rejected because they are not sold in well.

A brilliant idea isn’t a brilliant idea until it’s sold.

All this begs the question:

“Do you sell like your life depends on it?”

I know what you’re thinking. “Who does that?!” It’s only media after all and why would you put in so much effort?

The truth is the single biggest cost to our business isn’t people, rental or technology, its CHANGE.

Every time you have to make a change to a proposal, a plan or an idea, it costs the business and more importantly YOU time.  When you have to spend that extra time in the office making revisions, or redoing a plan that means less time doing those personal things you love doing – time with your family and friends, time playing sport, time walking your dog, time watching your favourite show, time for LIFE.

So let’s make the effort to remember and practice those 20 tips I’ve just shared with you:

  1. Know your stuff
  2. Know your environment
  3. Know your audience
  4. KISS
  5. Machine
  6. Do a pre-sell
  7. Pretend you are presenting to your mum
  8. Start positively
  9. Get them nodding
  10. Keep them in suspense and hold the work dearly
  11. Tell them, tell them and tell them again
  12. Give the idea the stage that it deserves
  13. Hold the work up
  14. Use examples to bring what you say to life
  15. Let the consumer sell it for you
  16. Be passionate
  17. Involve your audience
  18. Give them ownership
  19. Recap why its brilliant
  20. Post sell

By doing these things, you will sell more and have the time of your life doing so.

Now make the sale.

Guest Blogger: Cheuk Chiang CEO Asia Pacific, Omnicom Media Group

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