I have nothing to say

Sitting in an ideas meeting today on the topic of thought leadership, almost everyone shared the same feeling that really “what have I got to say?” Thought leadership is an intimidating concept. We have to be new, brilliant, and insightful. Very few of us can be that every year, let alone every week.

But the truth is we don’t have to originate. “New” to any single person is something that person has not heard before.

The advice I heard recently about any thought piece is if you can’t originate then either (a) build on someone else’s idea or (b) critique someone else’s idea or finally (c) share someone else’s idea because for sure there will be plenty of people who haven’t yet been exposed to it.

As Isaac Newton is claimed to have said “if I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”.

You do have something to say. So say it.

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