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In the lead up to Christmas, we’re excited to share a few pieces to get you in the holiday spirit! In this edition we cover Canadian airline Westjets real-time Christmas gift giving campaign and an article on why a rubbish truck has been gift wrapped. We also re-cap on the outcome of our Melbourne teams go ahead! event as well as taking a look at what’s happening in social. We also talk about some new innovations and marketing news in the music sphere. As always if you see something you like, drop us a line. Have a magical Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Love Fuse.

go ahead! brings Snack Enlightenment to Sydney


On the busy weekday morning of December 5th at 7.30am, 80 obviously enlightened, but regular, people took to the streets of Sydney’s CBD surprising unsuspecting commuters on their morning routine.

Dressed in business attire, our 80 flash mobbers held giant 3ft white balloon with the words; “follow me for enlightenment” on them, driving intrigue and excitement as to what was going on. All was revealed an hour later when the group converged on Wynyard Park, whipped off their business attire to reveal go ahead! branded t-shirts and assumed a meditative position to bring to life the brand position – Snack Enlightenment.

Critical to the launch success, along with the masses of PR and social impact created, was the importance of driving trial. So, in addition to the flash-mobbing staff a crew of sampling staff were also on site and as a result, 20,000 go ahead! biscuits were distributed on the day.

Santa Claus Has Come To Town!


The Canadian Airline WestJet “Christmas Miracle” video has quickly become an online sensation reaching almost 30 million video views in under a week. Not only has this video touched hearts across the globe but it has also stunned the airline itself which initially set a goal of earning 200,000 views. The heart-warming video was the outcome of the airline setting up a video feed so passengers could ask Santa what they wanted for Christmas before boarding their flight. The result? 357 labelled gifts given to passengers on the baggage carousel upon arrival and an extremely sharable piece of content. If you’ve not seen it already, check it out here!

Social getting more Upworthy?


A trend we’re spotting at the moment in Social is the rise of more emotive and human nature stories appearing in our newsfeeds. Cats, Selfies and Memes seem to be increasingly replaced by people sharing stories of heroes, miracle recoveries, reunions and antidiscrimination.

Case in hand is Upworthy; a content curation blog that prides itself on ‘irresistibly shareable stuff you can click on without feeling bad about yourself afterwards’. Of its 87m unique visitors in November, half of these arrived from Facebook.

Is this a trend brands are jumping on already? Absolutely. In the mastige beauty category, both Dove and Pantene.

Upworthy picked them both of course.

Who run the world? Queen B


Beyonce has this week proved the marketing value of no marketing by releasing an unexpected album through social media and selling over 800,000 copies on iTunes in 3 days! This record breaking figure has us wondering if the internet and social media may now be enough to amplify news and sales therefore bypassing traditional promotional tactics. It seems that  artists are now taking greater control of their own success, instead of allowing media and record labels to. If other artists start taking things into their own hands, what does this mean for consumer brand partnerships?

It’s the GIFt that keeps on giving!


Retail giants General Pants have taken shopping marketing efforts to a whole new level by creating a digital campaign that allows shoppers to integrate personal photos with outrageous animations. By uploading your face to one of the four GIF’s each customer will receive 20% discount on any item online & in-store.

Want to wreck it on a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus? Click the link!

Wheel take one!


Imagine a bicycle with a motorized wheel that syncs to a native app in which you can control the speed of your wheels from your mobile phone. The Flykly Smart Wheel has been invented to give you just that! This goes to show the endless opportunities out there using sophisticated technology and apps. We’re certainly pumped about this one.

Why fill a landfill when you can fill someone with joy?


Charitable not-for-profit Karma Currency has discovered a way to salvage unwanted Christmas presents by gift wrapping a rubbish truck. The organisation found that Aussies are spending around $1 billion a year on unwanted gifts. As a result Karma Currency joined forces with waste and recycling company Speedie Waster to package up the vehicle and push the message that people should give to charity this Christmas and not waste money on pointless presents!

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