1Your 3D thoughts coming to life? Just press print!

Over two-million dollars worth of funding via Kickstarter is saying something of how gone are the days of needing to physically make your 3D prototype/project at home. Is there a cookie cutter shape that you don’t have? Perhaps an idea for your ideal single-flower vase? Now all you need to do is draw it and let the M3D do the work for you. While there may be limitations regarding the requirements in artistic skill/engineering expertise, this is definitely a step in the right direction for all those who have been waiting for the chance to finally bring their 3D ideas to life. Source:  Hexus

2Personal letter to the customer: The new advertisement

Little did the Wall Street Journal and New York fashion writer expect the creative director of J. Crew to advertise a hand written response to her letter over a two-page spread! In a plea to bring back a swimsuit, the consumer wrote, and J.Crew delivered ‘within reason’. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was as simple as a letter to get our favourite items in production again! Source:  Adweek


3Music from Space

Who would have thought that NASA’s space probes had other purposes than data and photograph collection? I’m sure Beach House, Youth Lagoon, The Antlers and the various other artists on the ‘Space Project’ didn’t expect to be utilising the sounds of the planets, asteroids and whatever else it is that makes noise out there in music production. And exciting time for artists and scientists alike, get your ears ready for some ‘out of this world’ music to be released on April 19 2014. Take a look at the project here. Source: Coolhunting


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