1Watch out Siri – there’s a new digital assistant on the block!

Remember when Siri was exciting when she helped you find where the nearest petrol station, Thai food restaurant or shopping centre was? Well here comes Cortana (on Windows Phone 8.1 systems) – the Xbox Halo character, promising everything Siri does and more. By analysing your phone data, where you go, appointments, music preferences and everything else on your mobile, Cortana aims to get to know you better than anyone. Source: Social Media Today



Sick of being burnt by your teabag?

The days of wrapping your teabag around a teaspoon, or squeezing your teabag with your fingers (and burning them in the process) are over with the new SlingsHOT tea cup. Extracting the herbal goodness from your tea bag becomes attainable for all, without pain or additional washing up, now it’s just pulling the teabag up into the ceramic pocket in the handle – sorry, no stringless teabags allowed. Source: Cool business Ideas





3Finally – the Bike Washing Machine!

The ‘Bike Washing Machine’ ticks the moral boxes – appreciating the growing need for society to move, as well as being eco-conscious, but does it go too far?  Yes – the concept is great when you think of all those positive impacts: exercise, endorphins and to top it off, an eco-friendly alternative to the power sucking washing machine, however, after a hard day’s work I can’t say that needing to cycle spin my laundry would be the greatest end to the day. Source: Trend Hunter

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