G1oogle brings tears to your eyes

Who knew that your tears could tell the tale of blood sugar levels? Google knew, and soon diabetes suffers can benefit from their electrochemical sensory contacts. Google’s patent promises a ‘convenient and non-invasive platform’ by which health problems such as diabetes can be monitored. A definite feat in health monitoring, though, I can’t agree that poking contacts onto your eyeballs each morning is non-invasive.

Source: Mashable

2The App to make dieting easy

With the new Ceres App, there will no longer be a need to manually count and calculate your calories anymore – just take a photo of what you are eating, send it through on your Ceres App to be analysed, and it will do the counting for you! Being developed by the company that brought Siri to life, SRI International continues to find ways to make our lives easier. Wonder what will be next?

Source: TrendHunter

3It’s all eyes on Google

It’s been a busy time for eyes at Google; having secured 2 patents for Ophthalmic Electrochemical Sensors (health monitoring contacts), and their one day only, exclusive release of ‘Google Glass’ on April 15th. For the price of US$1,500 plus tax and pleasure of being in line at 6am for the product, some would say it’s the ‘priceless’ reaction of your social group that makes it all worth it given it is speculated to be become an everyday life gadget ultimately at around a US$300 price point when more widely released.

Source: Techly

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