1Power on the go? Why not grab a Solar Socket?

The Solar Socket hopes to resolve all your power needs… it’s the classic soaking up energy from the sun gig, and then becoming a portable power source for all devices. However amazing the Solar Socket could be, the unpredictable weather and the winter season in general could provide a serious challenge in its usefulness!

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2Nike with more Knitwear for your feet

In case you didn’t have enough options when looking for a pair of casual and athletic footwear, Nike have released the Nike Free FlyKnit Chukka in their knitwear range. The design is great for both casual and athletic wear in the ankle length bootie form. With that barefoot feeling, ankle length with good air ventilation, I wouldn’t mind running into winter with a pair of these…

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3Need a sink station and don’t have a lot of space?

Yes – It looks quite funky. Yes – it is compact and without doubt can be considered a space-saving sink station. But is it really all that great? However funky and modern, the compromise becomes quite apparent when you wash your face, or even your hands because due to its space saving quality, there isn’t very much room for error.

Source: Trend Hunter

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