4An anti texting while driving ad gets straight to the point

Perhaps we thought it was ok just that one time, until it became illegal. Brazilian agency Ideia3, in collaboration with Ford decided to drive the message home with their message “You can hit more than a key when you text and drive”. The ad demonstrates that when it comes down to it, hitting a cyclist, pedestrian or even another car is just as easy as hitting that extra key.

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That’s what Dan Moran created after combining ideas from Flappy Bird and 2048 in just one day. While there a claims of Flappy48 being ridiculously addictive, it hasn’t shown up on my Facebook feed yet – Perhaps Flappy48 is rubbing salt in Flappy Bird fan wounds.

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F6inally the truth about first world problems in everyday life

A Danish writer/artist duo created a list of comedy cartoons and graphs depicting the ‘truth’ about some first world problems we suffer in everyday life. While I would love to take you through all 33, I think the cartoons speak well for themselves. Have a browse here: Demilked.

Source: Demilked

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