2700,000 miles of success for Google’s self-driving car

How many driving situations can you think of? Perhaps not as many as this Google masterpiece claims to have programmed into its software, even those including the avoidance of cyclists. If it finds itself stuck, unable to rely on its programming, it won’t do anything (good or bad? Depends, though I can’t say it would be great getting stuck in the middle of an intersection). While this technology has serious potential, I don’t think I would be brave enough to put my hand up to be first to try it. Well worth watching the video, the footage is very impressive.

Source: Extreme Tech

3Never lose your sunnies again!

Need a reminder for when you have left your sunnies behind? Tzukuri have created an app, enhancing the “Lost my phone” concept by making the bluetooth traceable sunglasses solar-powered so that the battery doesn’t run out (unless of course you have lost them in a bag). The app notifies you when your sunglass signal is too far away from your phone even when it’s not open.

Source: Trend Hunter


4Solar Roadways: the way of the future

While it would cost a ridiculous amount of time and money; perhaps a step backwards to move forwards is the answer in our search for energy. While having only started with a parking lot, the solar panels are extremely effective being able to house lines for high speed internet and phones, removing the need for overhead power lines and an added function of storing, treating and redistributing storm water.

Source: Cool Business Ideas

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