3Google Now – helping you shop

Want to be notified that the thing you’ve got in your saved items is close by? Google Now is trying to make this happen for you. It notes what you shop for and research on your phone, and then let’s you know as you walk past it. Like it wasn’t easy enough to buy it online, perhaps they will help bring people back into stores?  Source: Mashable


1Pacifi: The perfect mother’s day present

Give any new mum confidence with a bluetooth pacifier. Not only does it alarm you via your mobile of your childs temperature drops and rises (with its inbuilt thermometer), it also makes your bundle of joy easy to locate. Innovative – Yes – though, the idea of a Bluetooth emitting device wouldn’t be everybody’s first option when it comes to health.  Source: Trend Hunter


2The Germ Alarm

With a survey stat of one in three people washing their hands after they have been to the bathroom (I hope this isn’t actually true), it is a must that we start literally alarming people into sanitising their hands. These alarms worked in the Philippines – perhaps they are worth a try here especially when we are watching illness take our colleagues down like flies.  Source: Spring Wise

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