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#KindVines – 7 seconds of Human Kindness

Just in case you were losing hope in just how amazing human kind can be, check out the KindVines project which is getting Vine users to record their random act of kindness with #KindVines.
If we each gave 7 seconds to randomly be kind to a stranger, imagine how kindness would multiply and perhaps affect a shift in attitudes towards the giving society my grandparents reminisce. If anything, this is something that you hope would go viral. You can check out the project here:
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Australian Inventions that have changed the world!

Test your knowledge of Australian inventions with Buzzfeed’s list of ‘13 Australian Inventions that Changed the World’.

Google Maps, Wi-Fi, The Ultrasound Scanner and The Bionic Ear are only some of the amazing world-changing inventions by Australians. Make sure you take a look at the other amazing inventions, makes you proud to be an Australian, or impressed by us that’s for sure.

Source: Buzzfeed



How to make people read your emails… It’s all science!

In an environment where we know inboxes are filled with ridiculous amounts of emails, the reality is that it becomes easier to either unsubscribe or delete because there simply isn’t enough time. Why not follow some handy tips to eliminate some of the key detracting components from your corporate emails to get that email opened and read.

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