1Predictive software! Catering to a generation fixated on convenience.

New predictive software and pre-programmed applications will soon be helping to automatically curate information to a user’s needs in an instant. By removing the hassle of having to customize applications yourself, pre-programmed technology helps tailor content to the needs and requirements of the user, adding convenient customization to user’s everyday routine. This new software caters to everything from athlete-bespoke music apps to retweet-predicting sites. Source: Trendhunter


2Internet Connected BIG RED BUTTON??

This little new device is claiming to be the world’s simplest internet user interface! A button that can be programmed to do just about anything. Configured for almost any use, “bttn” is a red button that connects to the internet and carries out customizable digital tasks.

The bttn’s configuration wizard can be accessed through a web browser once the device is connected to wifi or 3G. The internet user interface can then interact with Facebook, Twitter, email, RSS, SMS to name a few platforms. When the button is pressed, it sends a message to the server, which reacts by performing a particular task. The bttn can also light up using LED colored bulbs, giving feedback to the user. Source: Trendhunter


3Making discarded packaging useful!

Coca-cola Vietnam has looked at the entire product lifecycle and is encouraging people to re-use their coke bottles in inventive ways in a new campaign from Vietnam. Offering people a useful alternative to recycling (which is not always available in Vietnam) or simply throwing away, the range of attachments allow you to turn the ordinary coke bottle into an array of both fun and useful items. Source: YouTube

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