How not to advertise for Valentine’s Day 


It’s the day of love. A great opportunity for brands to send a message out there to celebrate what love means. But of course the idea of love can be interpreted in many ways and these campaigns show us the best of the worst. Check them out here


PHD creates an entire ad break for Lego in UK


The much anticipated Lego the Movie is released in the UK 14th February and PHD recreated four existing ads to be aired on channel ITV1 – using Lego.  PHD created the series of ads for Warner Bros which runs the whole three minute ad break.  View it here.


Exercise and beer is the new thing


Instead of waiting for the weekend to sit back and enjoy a beer, now you can have one after your fitness workout.  Canadian based VAMPT Brands has developed a beer with 0.5 per cent ABV with antioxidants and electrolytes.  Check it out here.


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