1Cadbury Taps Facebook Users’ Likes, Interests To Determine Ideal Chocolate Flavours

Advertisers all know that our Facebook profiles contain bits of information that show what we like and what we’re interested in in order to target messages to us. Cadbury has taken that a step further by creating the Joy Generator Flavour Matcher, which figures out which of the 12 flavours available best suit your profile. Pretty nifty!

Source: AllFacebook

2A new social network that erases everything after 24 hours Following the trend of self-destructing photos, messages and videos, Sobrr knows that this can also apply to days and nights out spend partying and meeting new people (think festivals and nightclubs). But instead of disappearing after being read, Sobrr keeps photos, comments, likes and such around for 24 hours. This is where it gets interesting. Taking on board a Tinder-esque mechanic, you can choose to continue your 24-hour friendship by then connecting in another way, or disconnecting as quickly as you connected. While it sounds pretty transactional, its owners say that “the 24 hour friendship is such an intuitive concept that all the current social networks have overlooked. In real life, people socialise with others but only make friends with who they like.”

Source: Venturebeat 

3Meet Ritot – the first projection watch

A smartwatch that projects the time and a plethora of other notifications (such as texts, emails, calendar alerts, and social media messages and updates) directly onto the back of your hand has become a big Kickstarter hit. The Ritot smartwatch does away with a screen and utilises the underused real estate on your hand. With tech giants pushing wearable display technology over the next year, is wearable projection technology next?

Source: TheNextWeb

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