4‘Airbnb For’ Everything! Airbnb Style Apps Take Off For Boats, Dogs, Bathrooms, and More! As Uber increases its market share by allowing people to give each other lifts for a price, and Airbnb has been going gangbusters with accommodation, many other services are popping up that allows people to rent their boats, dogs, unused online data storage, 3d printers, work spaces, and even toilets!

Source: Techly 


5Mixify is aiming to help bring top EDM artists to any corner of the world through synchronized streaming events in clubs.

EVNTLIVE (now acquired by Yahoo!) brought online feeds of sold out shows to the table as a potential new source of distribution for those who couldn’t attend in person. Now, Mixify, aims to bring top EDM artists all over the world through two-way synchronised streaming events in clubs. Given the costs it takes to fly out EDM artists and produce events, Mixify makes events more economically viable, and given that the streaming event is two-way (meaning the artist can see the crowds and interact with them), it still brings the engagement to a typically digitally-engrossed audience. Imagine all the other things we could do with two-way streaming?

Source: Springwise

6Ukrainian Bar Takes Social Media Promotion to New Level

Boom Boom Room, a nightclub in Kiev, Ukraine, has taken social media promotion to a new level by offering complimentary drinks for a variety of social media activities, and gaining the nickname of the ‘Check-In Bar’. Ways you can “pay” for your drink are uploading and tagging an Instagram selfie for a “boom shot”, or getting 50 likes on a photo taken in the bar. What a great way to commoditise social influence!

Source: WSJ

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