i1We Can Now 3D Print A Scoop Of Ice Cream!

Dreams have come true for those with a sweet tooth, as three students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have connected a 3D printer to a soft serve ice cream machine! Still in its early stages of development, this nifty invention will not only cut out the “middle man” (the store) for access to quick ice cream, but also allows the customer to choose the shape  of the scoop and see it be created, for e.g. a star shaped scoop!

Source: Techly

i2The Greatest T-Shirt Ever – A Shirt You Can Actually Play Tetris On

The coolest shirt to hit the fashion market is here! Developer Marc Kerger celebrated and paid tribute to the 30th anniversary of Tetris by making a shirt which allows the wearer to play the iconic game through a series of interactive buttons on their own torso! Want to see how it works? Click the link and check it out in full form on a video on the Techly website.

Source: Techly

i3RoboCup 2014 Is the World Cup for Robots 

Bringing together thousands of people, the 2014 RoboCup is an annual robot-soccer competition to further robotics technology, and to crown a RoboCup champion. This year, the competition will be held in João Pessoa, Brazil and teams from 45 countries will be competing in this year’s event. Ranging from different categories broken down by robot size from Kids, Teens and Adult sizes, this event is the next big competition since the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Source: Mashable

i4Sensor-Powered Seatbelt Could Save The Lives Of Sleepy Drivers!

A new device to enhance safety of drivers has been developed by the Biomechanics Institute (IBV) In Valencia, Spain. This new prototype system has been created to measure a driver’s heart rate and respiratory pace in order to alert the drivers as when they are dozing off behind the wheel. The sensor data embedded within the seatbelt indicates when a person is falling asleep and the developers envision an alarm going off to wake the driver before control of the vehicle is lost.

Source: Mashable

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