i1Don’t Feel Like Exercising? This Fitness Band Motivates With Electric Shocks!

We all know how excruciatingly painful it can be to try and fit in a gym session in the early hours of the morning (especially during winter). That’s where the Pavlok fitness tracker comes in – to give you that extra adrenaline and energy to exercise! Pavlok is a fitness band which sends an electric shock to your wrist if you don’t feel like exercising. Like an alarm, you can hit the snooze button, however the next time you do you will be zapped (you have been warned). Believe it or not, the Pavlok band was not created to hurt you. It was created to encourage people to make exercise a daily habit.

Source: Techly

i2Pizza Hut Built a Giant, Real-Life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Thrower at This Year’s Comic Con in San Diego!

Major Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fans rejoiced as the iconic cult-toy the ‘Pickup Truck’ from the 1980s show was recreated in real-life form at this year’s Comic Con, hosted in San Diego. Recreated by Paramount to promote the launch of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, fans who attended Comic Con this year were able to control the van and shoot faux Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizzas!

Source: Mirror

i3This App Lets You Ask A Doctor Any Question in Real-Time Via Smartphone!

Googling symptoms when you’re sick can always result, in one way or another, you having the worst possible sickness ever. First Opinion is hoping to solve this problem of “misdiagnosis” through bridging the gap between the ‘quantified self’ apps and a full-on doctors visit by providing an app that puts you in direct contact with real-time doctors around the world who are capable of interpreting real-time medical advice. This 24 hour service allows a patient to contact a doctor an unlimited amount of times in order to answer a number of the patient’s general medical questions.

Source: Mashable

i4Wireless Charging Trousers

In this day and age, having a low battery can be the bane of our existence! Luckily, British designer A. Sauvage has created the first ever pair of wireless charging trousers for London Collections: ‘Modern Man’ to solve that problem! How does it work? The inductive charging technology within the pants allows a person to simply place the phone within their pocket and voilà! You’re phone begins to charge!

Source: Cool Business Ideas

i5Home Voice Controlled Home Automation System

Relaxing has never been so easy now with a home automated system called Homey. A user can now come home, give a command and let Homey do the work! At a simple command Homey can close the blinds, turn down the lights and cue up a movie without the user having to lift a finger and for their simple pleasure. Its founders wish to introduce a system that does not directly require the use of an app.

Source: Cool Business Ideas

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