iphoneCucalu iPhone App Reinvents Eye Spy to Let People Rediscover Reality

A new game encourages people to look away from their phones, by turning the real world into a big game of Eye Spy. Cucalu is an app that asks users to find and photograph shapes in the world around them and use these to play a digital game.

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ledomaine-google-glass-hotel-2-thumb-620x295-88167LeDomaine: Europe’s First Google Glass-Equipped Hotel

Situated among rolling hills of vineyards and the sprawling Douro River in Spain, the Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine luxury hotel is a portrait Old World charm. Once a monastery, the sprawling estate is located two hours north of Madrid and has seen its share of history over its 900-year lifespan. After finishing up a complete restoration in 2012, LeDomaine is now taking a confident step toward the future by being the first hotel in Europe to offer guests Google Glass during their stay.


NoodleNoodle Company Uses Drone Advertising for Airborne Promotion

Is it a bird? Is it a place? No, it’s the local noodle store!

Creative agency Hungry Boys created a new advertising technique for noodle company Wokker, which incorporated unmanned aerial vehicles. The aim was to draw potential customers’ attention and raise the number of orders from a number of local business centers.

As ordinary advertising channels are congested, they came up with an unusual way to attract their target audience, by raising the ads up in the air. Wokker banners were attached to drones and launched around high-rise business buildings, drawing the attention of hundreds of people as they flew past office windows.

Source: psfk

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