1New Lost Iphone App Shouts ‘Polo’ When You Yell ‘Marco’

Have a bad habit of putting your phone on silent and then leaving it somewhere you can’t find it? There’s an app for that. Known as Marco Polo, the brand new app is based on the classic hide-and-seek game you might have played in the family pool as a kid. You yell “Marco” and your phone yells “Polo” back. You work out where the ‘voice’ is coming from and voila! Recover your missing mobile from the deep dark recesses of the couch, the top shelf of the refrigerator or the shed in the back garden — wherever you left it after one too many mojitos the night before.

Source: Concrete Playground

2MIT Grads Create A Personal Farm For Your Kitchen

Former frat boys aim to put automated organic farming directly into households to cut environmental and financial costs.

Dissatisfied with the current state of food production/consumption, MIT alums Gabe Blanchetand Jamie Byron found a solution that will produce farm-fresh foods right in the home with a smartphone-controlled kitchen appliance.

Source: PSFK

3The 3d Pen That Lets You Draw In The Air

Lix‘s new pen enables you to create 3D objects in the air. The pen is powered off a USB port and melts and cools plastic, as it makes your visions come to life. Although there are other handheld printing devices, Lix have shrunken it down to a size that really symbolises the technology, daring people to think outside the box.

Source: Concrete Playground

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