LED’s Congratulate Physics Nobel Prize winners!


A big congratulations are in order for Japanese Scientists Isamu Akasaki (professor at Meijo University and Nagoya University), Hiroshi Amano (professor at Nagoya University) and Shuji Nakamura (American citizen and professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara) on winning the Nobel Prize in Physics for the invention of the environmentally friendly, energy-efficient blue LED.

Their invention “has paved the way for the development of bright, cost effective and, importantly, energy efficient white lighting,” says LED expert Colin Humphreys, an LED expert.

Used in everything from home lighting and headlights to TV screens and traffic signals, this is a very practical invention that’s been making its way into countless households around the world since the turn of the century. The planet will be loving this as 20 percent of the world’s electricity is used for lighting, and because LED lighting is so efficient it has the capacity to reduce this to just 4 percent!

Source: Techly


Man becomes Machine


One (unidentified) man in Sweden underwent surgery where a titanium implant was affixed to the bone and served as a kind of bionic bone extension. Electrodes were implanted in the patient’s muscle and nerves. Not only do they allow the patient to control the arm, but they are also able to receive transmissions from sensors in the prosthetic arm and hand.

“The artificial arm is directly attached to the skeleton, thus providing mechanical stability. Then the human’s biological control system, that is nerves and muscles, is also interfaced to the machine’s control system via neuromuscular electrodes.”

Yes, you read that correctly – it is actually connected to his own bone, muscles and nerves. The result? A mind-controlled artificial arm that offers more movement, less discomfort and eventually, actual touch sensation! 

Source: Mashable


Meanwhile in Australia… Kangaroos take to suburban street fighting


Racking up almost 3.5 million views after going viral, it’s easy to understand why there are so many of those ‘Meanwhile, in Australia…’ memes that circulate the internet.

This isn’t anything out of the ordinary though – apart from the fact that you can find Kanagroos roaming almost anywhere here, it’s normal for male ‘roos to be prone to acts of ferocity in mating season, especially when other males show interest in the females they’ve been eyeing.

One Aussie just so happened to catch two male Kangaroos boxing it out on his street, and what makes the video even better is Tchaikovsky’s ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ playing overhead.

Link here:

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Your home could become one giant videogame


Microsoft and Xbox are teaming up to create “RoomAlive”- in a nutshell, what it would be like if your Xbox was a fully immersive experience that engulfs your entire living room rather than just your TV.

How this works is that projectors would display the images of the Xbox game throughout your living room, then Kinect would track your movement as you interact with them. All looking something like this:

It is unsure when this will officially be released, but one thing id for sure: it looks freaking awesome.

Source: Techly


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