1Tinder Plans To Monetise Its Dating App By Offering An Undo Button

The dreaded accidental swipe left, the bane of every online dater’s existence, will no longer be the cause of numerous cries of “Noooo!” with Tinder’s plans to introduce an undo button for our swipe-happy fingers. As part of its efforts to monetise the service, a paid premium version of Tinder is being introduced, which will include the undo button and other additional features. Source: Techly


2CloudGazer will turn your Boredom into a Free Roundtrip Flight

One of the simplest and oldest boredom-relieving game – staring at the sky – has been turned into an online game, with massive prizes on offer. Delta Air Lines, in the US, jumped on n activity nearly everyone partakes in from childhood to adulthood, and created the CloudGaze game to promote their new in-air entertainment platform, Delta Studio. “Boredom and entertainment hold a unique balance in air travel, where traditionally limited connectivity has provided passengers with one of the last refuges from work, effectively fostering a space for guilt-free boredom.” Source: PSFK

3The lazy person’s guide to personal branding

You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. Thanks to the Internet, everyone can present a shiny, online version of themselves for the judgement of anyone to happens to want to learn more about you, through an easy Google search. Personal brands are no longer just for stars like Oprah or Beyoncé. It’s an important way to set yourself apart from the loud voices crowding online culture. So here’s a quick checklist of what to do to get your online personal branding on the right track. (Hint: LinkedIn!). Source: Mashable partners with Samsung on mobile coupons

With mobile and shopping increasingly being an intertwined partnership, deals/offers site has partnered with mobile giant Samsung to not only provide offers, but also as to make payments via Samsung Wallet, which, like Google Wallet, can store all your card details so you can make quick and easy payments. Source: Venturebeat

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