Sport Doesn’t Care


This inspiring ad out of Amsterdam, for Samsung, has captured the intensity of the Paralympic games. The ad follows participating athletes though their triumphs and everyday struggles, highlighting the tagline, ‘Sport Doesn’t Care’. Watch it here.



New Jersey takes back ‘the armpit’


This cheeky ad hasn’t even been released yet and has already attracted some controversy. Unilever turns a negative into a positive with their Dove billboards aiming to assure people from New Jersey that being called ‘the armpit of America’ is not a bad thing; take it as a compliment!




Physical Text Message Scrolls


With constant phone updates and technological mishaps, wouldn’t it be nice to physically own your favourite text messages without the worry of accidentally deleting them? Well with Tx.To you can. The online service will back up your phone, give you stats on your texting habits and send you a box of text scrolls. Cool idea!




Renovated buildings double as billboards in Germany


Germany’s largest DIY store OBI has taken outdoor advertising to the next level, with help from Jung Von Matt, by renovating billboard sized areas of rundown houses – showing the endless possibilities people can achieve by using their products. Watch the renovations here.




USB Stickies


A USB that is as thin as paper and works like a Post-It note? Yes please! This innovative idea, called DataSTICKIES, will revolutionise the way we save and store information. The creators Aditi Singh and Parag Anand have seriously combined the best of both worlds with this product– Read more here.

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