1 Download The ‘Ethan’ App And Chat To Ethan – Everybody Else Is Doing It!

Ethan Gliechtenstein had been off Facebook for a while and wanted a way for his friends and family to still communicate with him. So, he created ‘Ethan’, an ordinary messaging app to communicate with him, making him essentially a virtual assistant. The app became a success and he is now creating custom versions for others. Source: Techly

2Now you can book boutique hotels on Twitter

We heard news that Twitter is looking to implement a ‘Buy’ button, but brands are already utilising Twitter for conversion to sales. Now you can book boutique hotels when you need them just by tweeting at @Stayful, a hashtag, city, and hotel budget level. Airlines and hotels quickly become adept at social in terms of customer service and complaint handling, so one would expect the industry to quickly build expertise in monetising their presence on Twitter. Source: Mashable

3.Hash Shows You All The News On Twitter Without A Twitter Account

Twitter is a great news source which often breaks big news before mainstream media, driving a flurry of discussion and conversation. But if you don’t have a Twitter account and don’t plan on getting one, you can still get involved in the conversation thanks to ‘Hash’, which puts Twitter news and discussion at your fingertips, without making you sift through hashtags. Source: Lifehacker

4LG’s AKA phones come with crazy personalities and crazier prices

LG has introduced a new range of phones called ‘AKA’, each with its own distinct, animated personality. Aimed those with rich imaginations, each phone has virtual eyes and, when combined with the case, brings to life one of the four personalities. Users can switch personalities though, just by switching cases, which the phone detects and changes eyes accordingly. While not cheap, it’s a fun novelty for a market where phones are increasingly starting to look all the same. Source: Engadget

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